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Owner Terry Mulholland has over twenty years of experience in the architectural field, and five as a professional carpenter. After graduating from the University of Colorado, she worked for architectural firms in Boulder and Seattle. She received her Masters in Architecture from the University of Washington in 1998. Before founding Mulholland Design in 2008, she worked for eight years at a Seattle design-build firm, both as a carpenter and lead designer.


Design Philosophy

Mulholland Design is a residential design firm, specializing in renovations and additions to homes in the Seattle area.

My aim is to help clients create beautiful, functional buildings on budget, and to provide a clear, respectful and enjoyable design process. There are many factors involved in a successful renovation: financial, practical and personal. It is my job to listen to you carefully and synthesize these factors thoughtfully.

Although I enjoy and have experience working in a variety of architectural styles, I have a particular love of older houses, and am passionate about working within their constraints.

I welcome the opportunity to reuse a great old house, rather than build a new one. I encourage a 'less is more' approach to renovations, when applicable. One of the most valuable services a designer can provide is to show a client options for better utilizing their existing space.

My background in carpentry guides my approach to projects. I know first-hand how houses are put together. This helps me recognize and maintain quality; develop respectful and fruitful relationships with builders; and help keep project costs in line.

I strive to make good design affordable, and work to keep my overhead low and fees reasonable. I handle all aspects of residential design, including: conceptual work, engineering, permitting, construction documents, construction management and interiors consult.

Please contact me if I can answer any questions. I look forward to hearing about your plans.

Terry Mulholland